Pape’s Collision Presents:

1st Annual Wild Woods Seneca Indian Festival

September 2nd & 3rd 2006

10am – 6pm for Saturday

10am – 6pm for Sunday


The Seneca were so impressed with this wilderness setting that they created a very special program of activities to be shared with spectators. The result will be a very distinctive and enjoyable Labor Day experience.


In addition to enjoying Seneca social dances, your family will see Seneca artisans demonstrating basket weaving, hide tanning, soapstone carving and bead working.


Getting hungry? Share some real native food fresh from the adjacent summer garden or recently gathered from the surrounding woodlands. Maybe you can take home a new recipe?


Music lovers prepare yourself for a concert of rattles and drums, as the songs of the Seneca return to enchant us.


To put all of this into perspective is a Tribal historian, keeper of the Seneca’s rich oral history. He will fascinate you with history and facts captivating the imagination of each listener. A Seneca storyteller will share fascinating Seneca legends.


As if all this were not enough, Wildwoods Animal Park  will be presenting educational wildlife shows featuring bears, reptiles and birds of prey.

                   DANCES WITH BEARS!!!                    



On September 2nd and 3rd, members of the Seneca Nation will return to their ancestral homelands in the Allegheny National Forest to share their traditions with us. This Labor Day event will offer visitors a rare look into the fascinating lives of the first Americans.


The Wild Woods Animal Park  was chosen to host this unique celebration. Their collection of native wildlife including cougars, bears, and wolves will contribute to the feeling that one has virtually traveled back in time. Within the heavily wooded wildlife haven are located rock shelters which hold great significance not only to the Seneca but also to archeologists as well.


The Seneca are inviting us for a view of their culture for a true festival in the forest. This is a celebration of nature and of a people who live in harmony with their surroundings. It is hoped that this gathering will remind us all that the well-being of all things wild depends on us.


For General Information Contact:

John and Pam Pape

Wild Woods Animal Park

1077 Sorenson Road

Cherry Grove, PA 16313

Phone/fax (814) 968-9144


Vendors are by Invitation Only: For inquiries write to:

Brenda Deeghan

132 East State Street

Salamanca, NY 14779

(include a copy of your Tribal enrollment card)

Admission Fee:

One Day Passes

Adults: $10.00 per day. Children under 12: $5.00 per day.

Children under 3: Free

Two Day Passes

Adults: $18.00 per day. Children under 12: $8.00 per day.

Children under 3: Free